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Student Life and Services​

Spiritual Life

APTS encourages students to experience a deeper and more dynamic spiritual development as part of their seminary life. Regular chapel services, spiritual emphasis week, devotional times of prayer and worship, small group sessions, and local church involvement forms an essential part of this process.

Chapel services are considered an integral part of the educational experience and spiritual development of each student. Services are held on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays featuring worship, prayer, and message from the Word. Regular attendance is expected to contribute to the spiritual life of the seminary.

Small group meetings are held regularly in faculty homes on Fridays. These informal gatherings are designed to be times of fellowship, fun, prayer, and sharing of cultural views and personal testimonies. Faculty members host these gatherings to nurture interpersonal relationships and build community spirit.

Students are challenged to develop a mature prayer life. The prayer mountain at APTS provides prayer closets and a magnificent natural environment and students are encouraged to make full use of it. Students are expected to identify themselves with a local church of their choice, attend services regularly, and be involved in the ministry of the church.

Special Events

Special events during the school year include the spiritual emphasis week, missions emphasis week, and two special lecture series. The spiritual emphasis week comes at the beginning of the school year with the goal of making the students conscious of God’s will and purpose in their lives. An annual missions emphasis week in the second trimester helps stimulate a burden for worldwide evangelization. Students may be tangibly involved in missions while at APTS through individual faith promises. The William Menzies Annual Lectureship in the third trimester and the Occasional Pentecostal Lecture Series provide an opportunity for students to interact with Pentecostal and Evangelical scholars.

Chapel & Small Groups

APTS Chapels are an integral part of the life of the APTS community. They are held 3 times a week: from 11:30 am to 12:20 pm on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays. We welcome you to join the APTS chapel services anytime you are around in the Baguio area.

On Fridays, the community gathers in different small groups hosted by various members of the faculty.

Christian Conduct

Honesty among all of the APTS family is considered to be a high priority in all relationships. It is expected that all students conduct themselves within the high standards of a Christian community. Should any problem develop among individuals in the APTS family, the problem should be handled on an individual basis between the two individuals or through counseling with the Dean of Students. APTS is a smoke and alcohol free campus.


Scriptures clearly teach modesty and temperance in all things, and that the student should be sensitive to those around him/her. Therefore the students’ personal appearance and dress should be appropriate at all times. All students must be properly and modestly dressed when going out of their rooms, particularly in the administrative offices, chapel, library, classrooms, and dining hall. Students should refrain from wearing immodest clothes and beach slippers in these places. Shorts are appropriate when exercising.

Housing and Food Service

APTS has a variety of housing accommodations to choose from. Spacious dormitory rooms are the usual choice of single students, though some prefer an apartment for more privacy. Married students have choices ranging from studio apartments to two-and three-bedroom units, some with stunning views of the Cordillera Mountain range. Family size usually dictates apartment preference but, if units are available, any student may rent one. (See financial information.)

The multi-national culture at APTS is experienced in the seminary’s dining facility. A widely varied menu allows students to taste the cultural dishes of their classmates. All food is prepared in a modern kitchen facility under the best possible conditions of hygiene. Students may purchase meal tickets or buy individual meals.

Student Council

Student body members elect officers to serve on the Student Council. The Council meets periodically with the Dean of Students to discuss issues related to spiritual life, student welfare, student projects, and recreational and social activities.

Schooling Availability for Children of Student Families

International private schools are available and accessible to school age children of APTS students and faculty within Baguio City. The Christian Academy of Baguio (CAB), grades 1–8, is specially designed for children of missionaries and foreign seminary students. Brent School, grade K–12, is an ecumenical environment designed for children of international parents working in the Philippines. Both schools use English as the medium of instruction, beginning their school year in August and ending in late May or early June. A variety of other schools are also available. Costs vary. National public schools, grade K–10, use English and Filipino as their medium of instruction. Their school year begins in mid-June and ends in late March.

Baguio City hosts several colleges and universities. The availability of academic programs and the requirements for admission vary.

Campus Publication

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