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President's Message​

This 45th year of APTS historywill be remembered as an important threshold year. This is the year when we finally appointed an Asian President for the first time. As the first Asian President for APTS, I want to do well so that I can keep the door open for other Asians to follow in my footsteps. I relish the challenge of leading this great seminary but I also tread with great caution. I don’t want to be the first and last Asian President for APTS!

With that in mind, I have commended to the leadership of the school the “2014 Jubilee Vision.” With this vision, I hope to somewhat “under-commit and over-achieve.” There are 4 elements in this 2014 Jubilee Vision, expressing crucial elements of our mission, spirituality, and functions. 

We have chosen 2014 because it is a significant year for APTS and the Assemblies of God movement. It is APTS’ 50th year, the Jubilee Year. It is also the centennial year for the Assemblies of God movement. The four elements of the “2014 Jubilee Year” are not impossible goals. They are achievable.

While I hope to have more participation from Asians in the leadership of the school, I do not have an agenda to “Asianize” APTS. (I use the word “Asianize” quite loosely here to mean non-Western.) We must take care not to use the so-called “indigenous principles” of missions to parochialize seminary education. We should “internationalize” rather than “indigenize” APTS. Therefore, I ask our non-Asian partners not to hold back but to continue participating strongly in APTS. At the same time, I urge our Asian partners to rise to the challenge of full partnership and take a stronger and more active role in APTS.

So, if you are looking for a school that will provide you the local expertise and corresponding global vision, come to APTS. We believe that what we do at a local & regional level as Christians has universal and, indeed, eternal consequences.


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